Offshore and Steel Drums, Reels and Baskets

Svensson Group has a wide experience in steel drums, reels and baskets for offshore – as well as onshore applications. We have for more than 30 years designed, manufactured and delivered more than 3000 pcs of custom-made steel drums. From small machine spools to big offshore drums/reels with a diameter up to Ø11.4 m and a load capacity of 400 tonnes.

Customer requirements and design philosophy

We are continuously developing our products according to conservative design philosophies in order to meet the client’s unique requirements, as well as classification societies latest rules, standards and guidelines with highest possible cost efficiency and robustness.

The products will upon request come with full third party certification, with full documentation over the manufacturing process and can upon request be delivered to clients’ site globally together with the appropriate lifting and handling equipment.

Svensson Group is a one stop shop

  • Offshore drums / reels for transportation and installation
  • Offshore baskets for transportation and installation
  • Delivery drums / export drums
  • Machine drums / spools

Svensson Group can also assist clients with inspection and engineering services related to the above mentioned products.

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Björn Hennix

Business Area Manager

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